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of the reporters interviewing these customers, these citizens, is that they need to educate themselves. journalism is an educational process. as a reporter you have to educate yourself and then you teach to the best of your ability your readers or viewers as to what you learned. the reporter is who put these people on the air or quote them in newspaper articles aren't doing that. they basically have someone -- they are following a narrative and narrative is people are suffering sticker shock and they get somebody who says, well, geez, i'm going to pay a lot higher premiums, i have sticker shock and that's the furthest the reporter goes and that's really not competent or responsible journalism when you keep in mind that premiums people pay is just part of the cost of insurance and medical care so nobody in the press or on the air seems to be looking at this saying, well, what do you get for that premium? what are costs going to be if you get sick and how much better are you going to be with obama care compliant plan that's got limited deductibles, limited out-of-pocket expenses, free preventative t
jersey. and not chase them to other states. i will make sure all of our children get the education they deserve. >> but today "the new york times" reports as governor chris christie, quote, has relied on the same kind of short-term strategies diverting money from things like affordable housing and property tax rebates to balance the budget. he has issued more debt for transportation projects than any of his predecessors. overall spending has risen 14%. and while state surpluses nationwide are growing, new jersey's has shrunk to its lowest percentage in a decade. the state's bond rating is among the worst in the country. mr. christie's budget for 2014, at just shy of 33 billion will reach the second highest amount in state history and more than govern governor corzie's last two years in office. christie's opponent highlighted these failures during a debate last week. >> this is a governor balanced his budget by raising property taxes, cruelest tax of all without asking millionaires to pay a penny more. a governor raised taxes on the working poor and ve tomorrtoed minimum wage. and r
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)